Cloverdale Indiana Pollinator Habitat Part I

Tucked away in rural Cloverdale is a developing quail habitat maintained by Bill Wilcox and Bill Noble. Coming from California, where their passion for gardening originated, the pair eventually moved to Indianapolis, where they continued gardening. As their fondness for gardening grew, they decided to move to a rural area to expand their gardening. While still a work in progress, the property they chose has made significant advances toward a healthy, natural garden and habitat. The property the pair chose was a blank slate inhabited by invasive species. Over time, they have pulled these invasive species out to allow the native species to return. Through these efforts and the help of Quail Forever, who sprayed and seeded the acre and a half area, they have been able to cultivate a natural and quail-friendly domain. By their third year, in 2021, Wilcox and Noble noted the success they had witnessed.