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Your time is valuable. It is the one thing that can not be replaced. In short, the following is a list of my strengths.

#1 Jane is Adaptable
#2 Jane is Harmonious
#3 Jane is a Learner
#4 Jane is an Activator
#5 Jane is a Positive person

If you have the time, read on:

Driven by my talents, I fill my mind with new ideas by asking questions, reading, studying, observing, or listening. Typically, I accumulate facts, data, stories, examples, or background information from the people I meet. Then I seek to help others accomplish their tasks in the coming weeks, months, or years. Several individuals and/or groups appreciate my logical thinking style. By nature, I yearn to know a lot. It makes little sense to me to skim through a book and read only the highlights. I delve more deeply into intriguing subjects than most people do. I love to gather all kinds of information. This explains why I take time to grasp ideas that appear in print. Because of this, I occasionally sign up for rigorous tasks.

By nature, I work to stimulate individuals to be more enthusiastic about what they are doing. How? I inspire enthusiasm in people with words and deeds. You will find, I am eager to set directions, make decisions, and assume responsibilities. Instinctively, I repeatedly galvanize people’s enthusiasm by pointing out things they have done well.I work to generate enthusiasm, so people become as eager to turn an idea into something tangible. I am energized, not paralyzed, by opportunities and possibilities. I sometimes make choices or judgments when no one else seems willing to do so. Once I take charge, I become eager to launch initiatives, present proposals, or solve problems.

By nature, I typically accentuate what is good about people and situations. Instinctively, I automatically recognize people’s progress and acknowledge their accomplishments. I appreciate the importance different people attach to various milestones.

-A Multimedia Agency-

Our company was launched because we saw a need to help others get the word out on what they were working on. We found people frustrated, ignored, and unable to make any progress. Our Founder, Jane Santucci, was able to step in and get things done. As time went on, she has built a competent network to solve most of the problems; clients may pose.


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