Terre Haute Chicken Ordinance

This new ordinance allows Terre Haute citizens to enjoy the benefits of fresh eggs along with the experience of new responsibilities. Weaver explains that raising chickens is not like raising a cat or dog. After a committee was formed to write this ordinance, this discrepancy was brought to light. The main issue many had with allowing chickens within city limits was the fear of chickens getting loose and "running away." This idea made Patti chuckle. She explained that chickens are very docile; they are scared to be out of their environment, and if for some reason they do get out, they always return to where they roost. Other concerns among city officials and residents had to do with the proximity of chicken coops to other buildings and properties and the ratio of chicken to the amount of space. These were all settled reasonably with the help of chicken experts like Weaver, who was able to guide the ordinance so that even those living on small city lots could raise chickens.