Lead Testing

In 2021, Dr. Jennifer Latimer of Indiana State University introduced a joint project with Notre Dame University and IUPUI. This project offers free lead testing for all residents, leading to enormous societal benefits.

Obtaining a free lead test is easy. All that is required is for citizens to request a lead testing kit and pick it up from a designated pick up and drop off location. The kit comes in a box that holds an accordion-style sampler. The sampler has storage for three soil, two paint, and two dust samples, along with a bottle cap for water. After collecting samples from one’s house or yard, residents return the kit and receive their results at no cost.

After describing the project, Latimer illustrated its importance to society. Lead is commonly found in soil as it settles after being emitted into the atmosphere. By utilizing the kit, residents can identify where lead is in their soil and avoid using it for gardening. As plants do not typically uptake lead, improperly cleaning vegetables from a garden can lead to lead exposure. This exposure is harmful to everyone. However, it is especially detrimental to children. Children absorb up to ten times the amount of lead at each exposure. In children, this exposure can lead to lower IQs and behavioral disorders linked to violent crime. None of these effects can be reversed.

Dr. Jennifer Latimer explains lead is nothing to be taken lightly. Utilizing this excellent program and taking advantage of free lead testing kits is something that could prevent a catastrophe.